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The practice of ngozi, giving a family member to another family to avenge the spirits of a murdered relative, creates a vulnerability to trafficking.Zimbabwean women are lured into hospitality largely in neighbouring countries and some women become victims of forced prostitution.In 1983 there was a major effort to eliminate sex work in post-independence Zimbabwe by rounding up hundreds of women and detaining them until they could prove they were not involved in the trade, otherwise they were sent to resettlement camps.

In rural areas, a greater number of children is seen positively as they can provide more assistance around the house as the parents age.

Traditionally, the Shona, Ndebele, Shangani and Venda people have patrilineal groups and families.

Zimbabwean women and children are subjected to sex trafficking in cities and surrounding towns.

Reports indicate that adults have recruited girls for child sex trafficking in Victoria Falls.

A Shona proverb says, “ nature of the culture and the approach to parenting.

A person’s behaviour is seen as the community’s responsibility, as well as their responsibility to the community.

In 2011 Thabita Khumalo, a MDC-T MP, proposed that prostitution in Zimbabwe be decriminalised.

She stated that decriminalizing prostitution would address three important issues: corruption, HIV/Aids and women’s rights.

Cousins are referred to and understood as one’s brothers and sisters.

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