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Yuko Ota has a great art style, one I have admired for a long time, and she brings many of her unique designs and ability to capture expressions and movement into this graphic novel.Though it is evident she is heavily influenced by Brian Lee O’Malley, Ota is a great artist in her own right who shows us through this work (and many others) that she has taken her love for O’Malley’s art and put her own spin on it to make it something new and noteworthy.However, I think this was also made clearer through their use of values and panel pacing.

However, I don’t think I would have liked Lucky Penny as much if this was all it was.

This graphic novel is unique in how many different elements it combines to make an entertaining if not weird side-story.

She manages to convince herself that living in a storage shed is a good idea and finds a job at a laundromat her friend’s family owns.

Through all of this she manages to look at everything in a positive light.

And even though it seems he has an easy time making friends with women, dating them is another issue entirely.

They both clash at this, but I think it’s partly the fact that they both respect each other and one another’s passions — Penny joining him for a Dn D game and Walter talking to her about books — that they manage to work it out in the end.

I saw a lot of his influence in both Ota’s style and the story overall, a story that follows the lives of two very flawed but passionate people trying to come together and grow into adulthood while facing some seemingly unlucky events.

If you haven’t had a chance to take a look at Lucky Penny, here’s a quick synopsis: Penny Brighton is a woman down on her luck.

Penny’s reactions can quickly go from shocked to flirty to depressed over the course of the novel, and Ota does a great job of capturing them all while getting us to feel the mood.

There were quite a few instances where I could very clearly feel the mood and tone they wanted to get across through the use of expressions.

There were a few jokes especially at the start that would not have landed as well if it was not for the pacing, such as when Penny realized she packed away the keys to their car.


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