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Many of these projects related to conflict and human rights abuses.

In your opinion, what are the three biggest challenges facing the Government over the next 12 months?

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In early 2004 I took up work full-time with the Irish Examiner in its Dublin offices, as a general reporter.

During the period with the paper, I have had the opportunity to travel and write from Uganda, the Congo, Kenya, Ghana, Gaza and Israel, Afghanistan, Haiti and most recently Iraq and Jordan.

Print journalism faces a difficult but not impossible future.

Many mediums have seen off challenges, including radio. Online media is progressing very fast, with the likes of thejournal.ie, RTÉ’s own online news and a host of other sites.

The Irish Examiner’s political reporter Juno Mc Enroe tells eolas about his journey from ‘dressing gown’ journalism, to Afghanistan and then to Leinster House.

What education and career path led to your current position in the Irish Examiner?But niche journalism is certainly an advantage in this day and age of ‘demand’ news.My experiences covering stories abroad have been challenging but successful.It’s a crucial moment and all our bets will be hanging on whether we can borrow at low rates through bond sales.A lesser but equally important challenge will be the children’s referendum this autumn.But I was fascinated by the work and became hungry for more.

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