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It had taken some fancy side-stepping to keep the blonde's hands where they couldn't accidentally discover Eric's secret, especially as Tawni seemed to drawn to him.The supposed broken arms had helped, although Sonny had found her admitting to Tawni that the casts would be coming off in the next few days."Good," the "So Random" leading actress had replied, a gleam in her eyes that made Sonny both uncomfortable and rather amazingly somewhat excited.

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With a chance of dating sonny

But things have a habit of spiraling out of control. She plans on flirting a bit and seeing if she can make Tawni hit on her.

But things have a habit of spiraling out of control. Tight jeans accentuated her butt and the hoodie added bulk to her body while hopefully concealing the curve of her breasts and making them appear more like a muscular chest. Stepping back she looked lower in the mirror and blushed.

As Sonny attempted to escape the dressing room Tawni had planted a hand on the door, one on each side of "the boy", trapping him against that door."Come back in two weeks from today.

I'll be waiting," the actress had said in a voice that was husky from desire.

She had decided that now that she knew there was fan mail for her, and quite a lot of it, she could make arrangements to "discover' it at another time.

Sonny was giggling inside every time the other girl made increasing blatant moves on Eric.

An equally tight blouse was cut low and there seemed to be an inordinate number of undone buttons that revealed the tops of Tawni's breasts where they strained against her bra.

Tawni kept up a stream of inconsequential chatter while escorting "Eric" around the set. The other girl had slid an arm around her guest and kept a possessive grip during the entire whirlwind tour.

Femslash, Rated M for sex including toy use.)Sonny Munroe studied her reflection in the mirror. She giggled as she carefully smoothed the fake beard she was wearing. The final touch, although hidden mostly by the hoodie's lower hem was the hint of the bulge in her jeans.


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