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It was also used to film a 1998 pilot for Digital Entertainment Network described as a "gay pedophile version of Silver Spoons," starring an as yet unknown Seann William Scott.

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On this particular day, I recognized SWS's name right away, but the other crew members did not know who he was. Per usual we boarded F/C about three minutes before Y/C boarding, and he was one of the first to get on board.

The other girls wanted me to point him out asap so they could get a good "look see" while he was getting situated.

I was working a flight many years ago, along with 7 other F/As and we were very accustomed to having celebrities ranging from A- all the way to C list on our ATL-LAX route.

So much so that whenever we would receive the pre-departure briefing form from the gate agent, the first thing we'd do is scan F/C passenger list for any "stars." There were always a least 2 or 3.

He's not working all that much, so focusing on his appearance instead makes sense .........especially if the PT talk is true. Whatever- you fucking dumb nasty cunts, calling a drop dead gorgeous not-untalented actor so many different names.

At least one of those DEN guys (Brooks Pierce) is still doing well enough ........... I bet you're all nasty meth fags I have enjoyed him in many silly movies, maybe he's difficult to work with. Army Hammer gets blockbuster deals based on no clear talent, and this guy who has had several hit movies is scene Ashton Kutscher & Seann William Scott kiss This is the hottest scene in the movie "Dude, where's my car?Those guys are all good looking but there are hundreds of guys who are better looking and have better bodies.None of them are great actors-- they play variations on the same character in every film. I always get him confused with Scott Foley on Scandal.He was definitely shorter than I expected, and not as "frat boy" as he seems on talk shows. Wife beater, weird polyester type pants, and red tinted sunglasses. Still, I kind of root for the guy since he was probably one of the nicest celebrities I've ever met. He was everywhere for a few years following the success of 19...Why Hollywood Won't Cast Seann William Scott Anymore If you're new, Subscribe! I realize this isn't a very nice story, but it happened and it may partially explain why he just didn't catch on as a leading man/dude following a respectable showing in American Pie.[quote]Do tell-How are you on the DL and don't know about DEN?! It was an entertainment company run by a bunch of Hollywood chickenhawks who made "Chad's World" , a show about young gay boys (fun casting! The show starred Seann William Scott who was one of the young approachable faces of DEN to make the boys more comfortable.


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