Who is edi gathegi dating

He has been credited in numerous short films and documentaries such as Kwame and Mind Tricks.

His major film roles are in American Crude, The Disciples, The Anatolian, Inception, and Tears of the Sun.

The following are some of the top names that trace their origins to the continent: See Also: 10 Richest Nigerian Nollywood Actors Mr Gathegi is one of the biggest Kenyan exports to the American acting scene.

Born in Nairobi Kenya in 1979, he moved to California with his parents whilst still young. Among the many movies he has acted in include Gone Baby Gone, The Fifth Patient, Death Sentence, Twilight Series, X-Men: First Class, My Bloody Valentine, Atlas Shrugged, Shiva and May, and so on. T Greenwich Mean Time, Dirty Pretty Things, Twelfth Night, Love Actually, She Hates Me, Red Dust, Melinda and Melinda, Four Brothers, Serenity, Slow Burn, Kinky Burns, Inside Man, Children of Men, Tsunami: The Aftermath, Talk to Me, American Gangster, Salt, Twelve Years a Slave, Half of a Yellow Sun, among others.

Mensah has had a load of popular roles in film across the world including Tears of the Sun, 300, Avatar, The Incredible Hulk, Hidalgo, and numerous TV series.

The most popular of his TV acts remains his role in Starz productions Spartacus: Blood and Sand and its sequels.

He also starred in Just like Ejiofor, Adewalle is a British citizen but a son of Yoruba parents.

He attended the University of London for a Masters in Law.

Lucas Cruikshank is not dating a girl named rachelle.

She is obsessed with him and doesnt have a life so she has to make up stories to make people think that she knows him. I am Lucas's best friend and i have known him for six years. Rachella Lefevre will have two separate roles in two new films which will be released in 2010.

Mugler helped him to mould a career in modelling and launched his professional career in 1987. He made his debut in film through a role in Without You I’m Nothing.

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