Who is alex frost dating

Magnus successfully retrieves the sword, but is attacked by Surt, who wants to destroy Magnus and take the sword.Blitz and Hearth intervene before Surt can attack Magnus, but quickly succumb to his powers.

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1995 (though the timeline of events is rather mixed up, so this may not be true) to Frey, the Norse Vanir god of summer and ruler of Alfheim, and Natalie Chase, a human.

When Magnus was six years old, his mother and uncles got into an argument at Thanksgiving, while Magnus had no idea what the argument was about.

After overhearing their conversation, Magnus learns that his Uncle Randolph Chase told them that Magnus had been missing for two years, but didn't tell Annabeth and Fredrick until now.

Magnus also learns that his life is now endangered, which is why they are looking for him.

Magnus decides to visit his Uncle Randolph's place to search for answers.

While in the house, Magnus goes to his Uncle's office to find more clues.After dying and becoming an einherji, he lives his afterlife in Hotel Valhalla and has prevented Ragnarok twice.Magnus is currently in a relationship with Alex Fierro.In the second grade, he had a teacher who taped his left hand to his desk in order to force him to write with his right hand, this caused his mother to yell at his teacher.When Magnus was ten, he cut his left palm on a hunting knife, which left a deep scar.After seeing his friends hurt, Magnus decides to attack Surt himself.


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