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Both species might be picked out by spotlight on night drives.A safari is usually a once-in-a-lifetime trip for many, and Tanzania is the best location for it — it’s world-renowned as a safari paradise.Most of our bookings are from solo travellers, and we can easily match you with another group member.

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Tanzania supports one very localised endemic species in the form of the Sanje crested mangabey, which was unknown to science until 1979.

Unique to the Udzungwa Mountains, it is thought to number around 2,000 in the wild.

Accommodation: Acacia Hotel or similar Included: Breakfast, lunch, & dinner Driving time: 2 hours Following breakfast today, we’ll have another game drive in the Tarangire, and around lunchtime, we’ll head towards the Ngorongoro Conservation area.

After collecting our entry permits, we’ll head up to the top of the Ngorongoro crater to see the view.

Even so, it is possible to see half-a-dozen primate species on a standard northern circuit safari, and enthusiasts might also want to travel to the Lake Tanganyika region, where Gombe Stream and The thumbless forest-dwelling colobus monkeys have a rather streamlined appearance, created by their small heads, very long tails and spidery limbs.

Strongly arboreal, they seldom venture to the ground and subsist almost entirely on leafy leguminous matter, processed by a ruminant-like digestive system.

Following an early breakfast, we’ll leave at 8AM for the 2-hour drive to the Tarangire & Manyara National Parks, which are adjacent to each other.

If it weren’t for the nearby Serengeti, Tarangire would be world famous in its own right.

Known by its local name of kipunji, it is thought to number about 500 in the wild, split between Mount Rungwe and Udzungwa.

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