val kelly monaco dating - Vista experience index not updating

You can still run tests and get a score using the Command Prompt.

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In the meantime, the minimum index is calculated in the background on Windows 10.

You can view it individually by recalculating with this tool, to see how to works. if the memory is up to 4 GB and the PC is equipped with a 64-bit processor, your Experience Index is about 5.9.

This is one more tool by Winaero but it does the same job as Chris PC’s tool and it doesn’t come in a setup and it is totally adfree. I have shown you two different ways to find your Windows Experience Index scores and quench your thirst of knowing the score & performance capabilities of your PC. Do let us know about Your PC WEI score by leaving a comment below.

You just have to download the tool archive and you are done.

The basic idea from Microsoft for WEI was that when you go out and buy a new software for your PC, you could buy the one which corresponded to your Windows Experience Index score to get the best performance.

Though this idea didn’t catch on, but people still used WEI score to compare how well their PC performed.

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The performance index always fluctuates between the indicators from 1 to 7.9, and at Windows 10 / 8.1 to 9.9.


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