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Attesting to Leo Fender’s engineering genius, Blackface Fenders are legendary for their rock-solid reliability.

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The tuxedo was the result of the ever-thrifty Leo Fender wanting to use up the remaining “brownface” Princeton Amp chassis and cabinets.

Issued from mid-1963 to mid-1964, the tuxedo amps featured Blackface cosmetics, but were very snazzy looking with white barrel knobs.

Also, the non-reverb models cost a lot less than the reverb amps.

Plus, unlike the Reverb models, the non-reverb Princeton amp offers a significant amount of clean headroom.

Blackface amps were immediately popular upon release and used on numerous famous recordings.

They continue to be a backline and recording mainstay of musicians who seek a great, chimey Fender clean and, when pushed, a classic overdriven tone.Beginning in late 1963 and continuing into mid-1964, Fender used up remaining old “Tweed style” Champ chassis and cabinets, but with Blackface cosmetics; Leo Fender was famously known as a skinflint when it came to minimizing production costs.After all, he was the guy who reused his styrofoam cup for coffee.Tech Specs: Once again, Fender issued three distinct variants of the Princeton amp during the Blackface era: the transitional “tuxedo” model, as well as reverb and non-reverb models in the new “Princeton” style.Each version featured a single 10” speaker and about 12 watts of output.A short-lived model, it was discontinued by mid-1964.


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