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We Chat is considered a tangential competitor to the telcos.We Chat doesn't block or Qo S other IM products.That would be illegal and, frankly, a PR fiasco in addition to a great way to lose user trust.3) It's against We Chat values to push mobile phone makers, distributors, or ROM publishers to preinstall We Chat for pay.

*.domain since day 1 because "the link looks malicious and may harm your device".

It force users to choose Tencent equivalents(Jing Dong).

Tecent also negotiated to made sure Wechat app always stays in memory and can not be easily killed so push messages can be received, Be noted, because Google was fully stripped in all legit Android phones in China, there's no Google Play or GCM service, some other IM competitors are struggling to have basic message receiving capabilities.4. Little known fact is it got a Tecent Browser (X5) fully builtin, it's an outdated Chromium build and its behavior is kinda headache to debug compared to othe mobile browsers like Chrome or Mobile Safari, lots of customised JS bridges and restrictions.

The evil part is that every link you view in wechat must renders exclusively in X5. if you open a youtube page, it renders in webview in wechat, if you have youtube app installed and wanna view the URL link in app, you have to click for the wechat menu, open the webpage in system browser, so your waste your data bandwidth for the second time and opens the exact webpage, and click "Open in App". Wechat blocks competitor URLs for obvious reasons, e.g.

So, just post a job here and make your business a profitable avenue.

Allen Zhang (Founder of We Chat) was the author of once popular desktop email client: Foxmail, and later Tencent acquired it, Zhang refactored a new version of web mail on com.

However it does leave a bad taste in my mouth to see this unapologetic praise in the article for what seems to be a monolithic monopoly play."the article made the product seem very heavy, all-in-one"This is what amazes me.

We Chat has lots and lots of features, but doesn't feel heavy at all.

Tencent put lots of effort striking deals with telecoms, ordinary IM startups might simply be blocked or Qo S'd to death."Amongst We Chat's many local competitors were equivalent messaging apps including China Mobile's "Feixin" messaging app and China Telecom/Netease's "Yixin".

Both competitors, as officially published apps from the telcos themselves, had the ability to leverage free SMS messaging, an ability that We Chat did not have access to.

Just goes to show you....execution is all that matters.


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