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What remains is the question of what her plea in a Florida courtroom Thursday means for what Rush Limbaugh has called the movement to 'normalize pedophilia."' Here's the answer: There is no question.

There is categorically a movement to normalize pedophilia.

Hunt of multiple felonies for sexually assaulting – repeatedly – a 14-year-old girl. Oh, sure, her minor victim allegedly "consented" to what the "Free Kate" crowd has portrayed as a harmless tryst – but, of course, by law children below the age of consent cannot consent to sex with adults. Still, the "progressive" establishment evidently felt that, for whatever reason, this was their hill to die on – this was the case that might help them realize the historical "gay rights" goal of rolling-back most, if not all, age of consent laws – statutes designed to protect children from adult sexual predators like, well, Kate.

Veteran journalist Robert Stacy Mc Cain has covered the Hunt case extensively.

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