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Probably, only the Department of Home Affairs can answer your question.If you are looking for a test to discern the old numbers from the new numbers, this isn't it!

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I do not know what the 'A' digit represents - for the old blue book id numbers, this digit is often other values (specially '0').

For the new id's, this is almost always '8' or '9'.

would be interesting to see how they enforce that.... An old ex Zimbo friend of mine is a permanant resident but long time ago lost his ID book. NET post to cater for erroneous id No's like 0000000024588Its not very ellegant and wont get us into the next century, but then again neither will VB. Public Function parse Id No(By Val id No As String) As Boolean Try Dim a As Integer = 0 For i As Integer = 0 To 5 a = CInt(id No.

When he wanted to replace it 10 years later DHA are demanding his ID number. Can anyone help using his DOB or permanant residence number. Substring(i * 2, 1)) Next Dim b As Integer = 0 For i As Integer = 0 To 5 b = b * 10 CInt(id No.

I tried a few permutations but it doesn't seem straightforward. Also let me know if you want a copy of the old SQL - still have that.

Hi All, I had the following ID validation done by a student programmer for a specific form page, how can I add/change this ID validation to the file so that it works on ALL other forms needing the SA ID number?I need to find out how could a female and a male share the same identity number?We all know that female ID numbers start with the number 0 after date of birth and the male ID numbers start with the number 5.The following links are available: According to the provisions of the Identification Amendment Act, 2000 (Act No.28 of 2000, which was promulgated on 13 October 2000) all forms of identity documents other than the green bar-coded identity document are invalid.Substring(2 * i 1, 1)) Next b *= 2 Dim c As Integer = 0 Do c = b Mod 10 b = Int(b / 10) Loop Until b On Saturday, 28 July 2007, my wife (PG Nosi) and bought a television.

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