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Later, in 1996 with the high volume of conflict and misunderstanding this couple got divorce.

From this also it can be claimed that he is not gay at all and straight in his sexuality.

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His recent movies include Woodshock, Josie, Summer '03, The Pretenders, and Hala.

Son of veteran actor, Val Kilmer, he has maintained the net worth in thousands of dollars.

The current net worth of Val is assumed to be around 25 million American dollars in the current phase.

According to Val, the net worth of him was 20 million dollars in last year’s where 5 million is added with his dedicational hard work in the current phase of time.

Val currently explains about his absence of spouse in his life and happy to be a single man.

Val was also declared as a romantic boyfriend in his college times but by now he stated he is focused with achieving his net worth and sharpening his career by side.

Val Kilmer is a very amazing personality and professionally an actor by his profession.

The proper active years of Val started from the year 1977 and he has been absolute with his net worth of amount.

On Saturday morning (August 31, 2019) the American Sun-Times reported Val Kilmer and girlfriend, to be shopping for engagement rings.


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