Updating your kitchen

Lots of tradespeople call themselves painters, but few truly have a calling.This is a job that the average home owner can do, but typically do-it-yourselfers can't do it as quickly.

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Secure the drywall to the wall with screws, alternating each screw within a half-inch of the edge and about a foot apart.

Always butt finished edges to finished edges, and unfinished edges to unfinished edges. Hanging Sheetrock is a simple job, but mudding—the process of applying thin, multiple compound to the joints—is an art.

the cabinets are installed to save on cost, but you might prefer to do it before. It's warm and inviting, but cork can yellow in sunlight. Don't install it in areas that are likely to get wet.

Recycled carpeting is made from recycled plastic food and beverage containers.

You can hire a general contractor to oversee other workers, or you can hire them yourself.

A general contractor can charge up to 30% of the total cost of the project to handle it for you, and you might want to use that money for other purposes.Shut off the power and remove appliances and lighting fixtures that are directly wired. Use a crowbar to force sheets of paneling from the walls.You can employ a sledgehammer for brute force, but don't smash the studs.Paint the walls—or have them painted—before the cabinets are installed.Use quality brand paint, preferably a semi-gloss for the walls and ceiling because it's easy to wipe down and it doesn't retain moisture. Angled brushes work great on trim, but cutting in around the ceiling and floor is best done with a four-inch brush. Sometimes the handle from a garage push broom can do double duty.It's the perfect time to replace your plumbing when your walls are open.


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