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Hopefully Microsoft can iron out the issues with Samsung before then.With the June 2016 release of Adobe® Creative Cloud® the applications have migrated to using Visual C ® 2015 runtimes from Microsoft®.

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This change has been made to ensure that the Creative Cloud software is using runtimes that Microsoft is currently supporting.

The older versions previously in use are no longer supported by Microsoft which requires our software to be updated.

Understandably, Microsoft recognizes that if your in the 10% who didn't have such good luck or are still waiting for the update notification, things can be a little aggravating.

Microsoft is recommending for those still receiving the update notification to take a few precautions before starting the update process.

Microsoft, in an effort to "keep us in the loop", has posted more information on the first Windows Phone 7 update.

The latest info echoes the earlier reports that 90% of the update installations have been successful.Server Connectivity - an application program interface (API) that allows client computers to connect to the WSUS server or Microsoft's update websites.Update Detection - checks for and installs updates daily.Windz Updates plugin is not compatible with Internet Explorer while it can be installed for Opera and Mozilla Firefox.When the installation is complete, just scan for updates and install them.I have been searching for alternative ways to update Windows rather than going to Microsoft Update site.

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