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Most such problems can be solved by adding startup options.

The exact combination of options that will work depends on the computer, so try the following instructions until you find a combination that works for you: to the startup options fixes the issue. When one uses Tails, then restarts the computer into another operating system, that other operating system can see what has been displayed on the screen within Tails.

To workaround problems in booting Tails on laptops with UEFI support, it is possible to chainload the syslinux on the ISO image from another boot loader that is already working on the laptop, like GRUB.

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This problem might be corrected in Tails 1.1 and newer: please report your test results back to us. Legacy support needs to be enabled in order to start Tails.

To enable legacy boot support, enable ' Launch CSM' under boot (menu).

This problem might be corrected in newer versions: please report your test results back to us.

The display panel will have the wrong resolution unless is added to the boot command line. With BIOS versions A03 06/03/2012 (and A09, A11, and A12) Error message: Workaround (at least with BIOS versions A09, A11, and A12): just hit enter and it will continue with the boot.

Intel® Computing Improvement Program Intel wants to empower you by providing the best computing experience.

This program uses information about your computer's performance to make product improvements in the future. Your personal information will be used to respond to this inquiry only.This problem might be corrected in Tails 1.1 and newer: please report your test results back to us. This problem might be corrected in Tails 1.1 and newer: please report your test results back to us. We were reported that the legacy BIOS shipped on these systems doesn't know how to deal with the GPT partition scheme used in Tails.https://com/community/Laptops-General-Read-Only/GPT-Bootable-Bios-Optimus-Switch-Are-Necessary-For-L502x-L702x/m-p/3699920 Does not start on USB sticks. You need to update the firmware to its latest version in order to start from a USB stick. Tails 3.3 restarts during startup and never starts successfully.AMI BIOS IDs are used to identify motherboards with an AMI BIOS.For more information visit our AMI BIOS ID information page.For more information visit our Intel AMI BIOS ID information page.


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