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I usually automatically mute everyone and then block at the first annoying thing someone says when I play anything online. Every game genre and playstyle have their shares of decent humans and garbage humans, but I've never played a shooter that wasn't always disproportionately in favor of trash monkeys the world probably wouldn't miss if they all caught fire and died.

Always being really nice at the start and joking throughout at any mistake.

It didn't always work, but I recall plenty of times when a classic asshole was met with a lot more resistance when I managed to swing the team into my corner.

The handful of cool people I've met makes it really easy to quickly forget about the numerous assholes I've encountered.: It hasn't detracted me from playing and continuing enjoying games but it just made me really damn sad.

Seeing and hearing these messages over and over again just broke me, im ok now but last weekend i was in a really dark place.

The open chat room is unmoderated and allows users to connect with strangers.

When you sign up, the app requests access to your contacts and your location.

Read the app's privacy policy to find out about the types of information collected and shared.

So last weekend i was playing BF1 with random people, i was using voice chat to talk to my squad.

Hopefully this doesn't detract you from continuing to enjoy online games.

Those types of assholes aren't the kind of people that can be helped, it's best to avoid them when possible, and seek out communities where pieces of shit naturally get shunned out.

At the Nobel Prize acceptance speech, nobody's going to be saying, "before I devoted my life to medical science, I used to spend my afternoons teabagging fools in Co D and drawing weed dongs on my gamer card." No, the world would get a little lighter and there would be more air and food for the rest of us. In conclusion, always mute your voice chat and kill all humans.


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