Too intense dating

Most, if not all of the time, we want to make mistakes on our own.Perhaps people warn us or give us incredibly accurate advice that could save us from problems down the road, but we still stay the course no matter what. Before we dive into specifics, the most important lesson is to understand what constitutes “game-playing.” At root, game-playing is about saying one thing but doing another.

They literally told you they are incapable of accepting people for who they are.

Cut those people out of your life and search for other people who actually care about what they do and put their all into ever endeavor and you will find happiness.

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When you think of this subject substitute intense for passionate.

the world is severely short of people who are passionate about what they do and all the slackers that got nowhere in their life hate people who are passionate and have the will and drive to not get dragged into that pit of bullshit.

Being who we are is great, and no point trying to be who/what we are not.

Having said that, there's no reason why we can't strive to be better versions of ourselves, right? So when I hear the "intense" comments from friends and loved ones, I try to take it seriously without letting my ego get too caught up in it.

People who play games “talk,” but their “walk” simply doesn’t match.

In essence, they can’t really be trusted because their words are often just…

It’s natural to experience a wide range of emotions while dating,… He told me that he is that “unavailable” guy that so many self-help books and articles are written about.


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