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There's a writing section where you can post text and have other users comment on how accurate it is.

They can be single sentences or multiple paragraphs, and someone who knows the language can explain where you went wrong.

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These free conversation exchange websites work by connecting you with someone over a text, audio, and/or video service to facilitate communication.

Usually, you'll simply contact someone over a text chat or email first, and then you can both decide the best way to continue talking.

section of the website is simply a forum where you can post a question or request and have other users publicly answer you.

It may be easier to find a language exchange partner through the forum than simply waiting on someone to message you through the search tool.

There's also a forum and a chat room that all the logged in users can participate in at once, which are other quick ways to find a language exchange partner.

Plus, the homepage shows you new users as well as ones that are currently online.I like Lingo Globe because the search function is extremely easy to use.Once you find a user, you can see all the details they chose when they made their account, such as the languages they need to learn.Take full advantage of free language learning resources with online lessons, games, and worksheets to learn popular languages like English, Spanish, and French.You can also learn sign language and baby sign language online absolutely free.In addition to the above, Papora lets you add users as friends, private message them, and send a smile.


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