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You will learn: What the difference is between the Eastern and Western art of war strategies. Utilizing the feminine and masculine energies with equal proficiency to achieve your goals.

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Composed by two prominent statesmen-generals of classical China, this book develops the strategies of Sun Tzu's classic, The Art of War , into a complete handbook of organization and leadership.

The great leaders of ancient China who were trained in Sun Tzu's principles understood how war is waged successfully, both materially and mentally, and how victory and defeat follow clear social, psychological, and environmental laws.

Forget everything you think you know about strength, strategy and success.

This brilliant adaptation of the ancient masterpiece The Art of War shows women how to use Sun Tzu’s philosophy to win in every aspect of life.

Women and The Art of War helps women find the peaceful path to success through strategies made famous in the ancient Chinese text, The Art of War.

Female wisdom, or common sense, is about avoiding needless confrontation, conserving energy for the things that matter, and seeking an outcome in which everyone wins.

Would you like to transform your weaknesses into strengths? Integrate your style and personal philosophy into every action you take? In The Art of War for Women, bestselling author Chin-Ning Chu brings the eternal wisdom of philosopher-general Sun Tzu to women looking to gain a better understanding of who they are--and, more importantly, who they want to be.

Although Sun Tzu’s book is about the application of strategies and determining the most efficient way of gaining victory with the least amount of conflict, every one of those strategies begins with having a deep understanding of the people and the world around us.

DIVWidely regarded as "The Oldest Military Treatise in the World," this landmark work covers principles of strategy, tactics, maneuvering, communication, and supplies; the use of terrain, fire, and the seasons of the year; much more.

/div Sun Tzu and his principles for the conduct of warfare have been the subject of serious study the world over.

Why it is so important for working women to possess style as well as substance.

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