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Chad did deny the claims, stating that “certain girls” were mad they got sent home and that he’s colorblind.

Oddly enough, a look at the 17 finalists show only 3 black women.

There were other shows that we shopped for other people!

He wasn’t brought in because: A) It wasn’t about him, and B) he’s playing football.

Tonight, they both have amazing new TV shows premiering . Tune in staring at 9/8c tonight for The Ultimate Catch, a new reality dating series starring NFL wide receiver and former Dancing with the Stars celebrity participant Chad Ochocinco! O.’s best friends) has a cameo on his show tonight as well! Show” Bernard Berrian Katrina Campins Campins Company Visit my Campins Sports & Entertainment Division Blog a revolutionary approach to the real estate world through my eyes. Sports & Entertainment Real Estate Division listings Nationwide with a crib’s style twist, celeb client’s events, priceless real estate & business tips learned through my experience rubbing elbows & negotiating with the most successful business executives in the world, hotspots, & collaborations with some of my Sports & Entertainment Clients.

Terrell Owens, Katrina Campins, Ludacris, & Chad Ochocino at the Paparazzi Pool Party at the Fontainebleau during Super Bowl XLIV Bernard Berrian, Katrina Campins, & Jason Bell Katrina Campins & Terrell Owens Chad Ochocinco & Katrina Campins Bernard Berrian, Megan Hill, & Katrina Campins Bernard Berrian, Chad Ochocinco, & Terrell Oewns on set for VH1 Kita Williams, Terrell Owens, & Monique L. Season Two will begin as his one-year contract with the Buffalo Bills expires and he will once again be faced with the question of – will he back with the Bills or will he be looking for a new team in the off-season?He will also be exploring business opportunities for life after football and dealing with the women in his life.CLICK HERE FOR SEXY PHOTOS OF THE LADIES FROM THE SHOW!!There was a minor scandal involving Chad and his choice of women that hit the blogs as filming began on the show last month.They’ve allegedly had “fallings out” in the past but always seemed to find their way back to each other.


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