Sun sign dating comparison

(Yep, this one is new — read all about the Ophiuchus way of life here) Sagittarius: Dec.

Do the same with your Venus and another person’s Venus sign. Are your Sun signs, which represent your overall personality, compatible? When your Venus is conjunct your lover’s Venus, the aspect is less about chemistry as it is about compatibility.

Although the key above assumes a love connection and that we are comparing Venus and Mars signs or Eros and Psyche signs, this grid can be used for any planet in sign comparison. It is an easier merging, but not as exciting a combination as Venus-Mars.

It feels good, it feels natural, and you complement each other well.

Your styles in expressing love are similar enough to generate a luxurious understanding between the two of you (and sometimes a sense of relief if either of you have been involved in clashes before this relationship! While some of the combinations produce a feeling of insistent hunger for each other–an energy that can turn into a frustrated love-hate scenario down the road–this one’s dominating theme is harmony and mutual acceptance. No matter what combination of planets and points you are comparing, there is an enormous and instant sense of recognition.

Neither of you may be pressed to go forward with a relationship right away, but the more you interact, the more you appreciate how easily you relate to one another.

Yin-Yin and Yang-Yang combinations: The attraction is not insistent. These aspects don’t promise chemistry, but when other indications suggest chemistry exists, these aspects aid in keeping you together harmoniously. Your love signs are in opposition, or in signs that are opposite.Although there may be times when the ease of this combination leaves you wanting for more thrills and drama in love, let this feeling pass and enjoy your partner. An excellent combination for all types of combinations listed above, especially Venus-Venus, Venus-Mars, Eros-Psyche, Eros-Eros, Sun-Sun, Sun-Moon, and Moon-Moon. You can’t help but notice each other, and you impress each other, for better or for worse!Yin-Yang combinations: This combination is the most exciting, in-your-face attraction when the planets compared are yin and yang: Sun-Moon, Venus-Mars, Eros-Psyche, etc. These combinations can easily generate the feeling that this relationship is IT.The chemistry is powerful, instant, and dynamic, and your feelings are intense. Your signs are sextile, or in signs that are sextile. You are comfortable with one another, and you make each other feel good.Yin-Yin or Yang-Yang combinations: When it’s Venus-Venus, Moon-Moon, Sun-Sun, etc., the chemistry is not as powerful, but the sense of recognition is certainly present. The attraction in this case is not all-consuming or instantaneous.This gently evolving quality bestows both of you with a feeling that this partnership is going somewhere, albeit in a gradual, step-by-step manner.

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