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Tami wanted to do something concrete, and that’s how it all started.

From being a red-carpet consultant to an entrepreneur, Tami Reed is a go-getter!

Blog – Instagram – Parisian fashion blogger and DIY queen Lisa Gachet started blogging a few years ago, and recently launched a brand that represents something she truly believes in – Do It Yourself Fashion. Blog – – 5 foot something petite blogger inspires you in more ways than one.

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She brought, what she calls ‘the fatkini’, by collaborating with ‘Playful Promises’ and ‘Swimsuits’, and showed us how it’s done.

We need more women like her, and thanks to social media, we get to follow her around.

It’s not easy to do, I can assure you, but these ladies prove that you can still have great style as you age, and they share exactly how to do that.

Even though I’m not 50 yet, they inspire me to stay current and adapt the trends to work for me.

She believes that you can rope it all together and make fashion statements that replicate it all. At 43, Kat Farmer is a fashion blogger, wardrobe consultant, a personal stylist, and full of life.

In her own words, she’s trying to tackle the 40s without being frumpy, and her statements are just that.

If this is something you’ve been considering, I’m telling you, there is quite a market for over-50 fashion blogs!

You can see my post on how to start a fashion blog for complete details on getting started, if that is something you would like to do.

Wendy wears a lot of hats; she is a blogger, content creator, and a juvenile justice advocate who is just as passionately working towards helping foster children, because she understands the struggle, for she has been one.

From moving foster homes to graduating from UCLA, Berkeley in Psychology, to being an influencer, she is indeed an inspiration.

With floral kimonos, flaming hot oversized sunglasses, and a contagious fashion sense, Lyn Slater believes and shows us time and again that ‘age is just a variable.’ Thanks for proving the world wrong, Lyn, your 400,000 and growing fan club couldn’t be more grateful.

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