Stuck on updating steam

However, the download speed that it reaches suddenly decreases and eventually stops, leaving an "Update Required" message on the Downloads page.

Downloads: once there, click to the CLEAR DOWNLOAD CACHE button.

This should do the trick: in case it doesn’t, keep reading.

The bars represent the data being downloaded, but then it continues to go down until nothing downloads. I've done everything I could possibly do to see what the issue was, like changing the download region and verifying game files, along with what I mentioned above.

Nothing has changed, yet I can download other full games perfectly fine.

Just tried in st louis, missouri, US, still happening Edit - Got in a couple minutes ago now, but it took a very long time lagging on the updating steam bar, it got one bar and lagged then jumped to full and maybe took like 3 minutes of sitting at full before steam finally popped open.

I'm not sure what I should do next regarding this issue, and I don't know why it started to happen.If the above option doesn’t work, you can try resetting the Steam configuration in the following way: You just have to click OK, since this is precisely what you want, and your downloads should resume right away.If clearing the Download Cache doesn’t work, you can try to change the Download Region: go to Steam Settings, then choose the Downloads menu and change the Download Region with one of your choice: there’s a good chance that this will fix the issue.If you're still having trouble patching after following these steps, you'll need to reinstall your game.You can download the current version of our games from our download page.Repairing can take several minutes, depending on the size of the files being downloaded. The En Masse Launcher may require administrator permissions to add or modify files on your computer.


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