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The current version is sleeker and simpler, suggesting wings.

This Romanian car brand has been part of Renault since 1999.

The Skoda insignia is an encircled arrow with wings beneath the brand name.

The colors and design represent this Czech Republic company's focus on the environment, eco-materials, progress and innovation.

This symbol represents where your car's manufacturer has been and where it's going in the future.

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The company is bold and simple, highlighting the company name in a shade of blue representative of one of the colors of the Romanian flag, on a bold, silver-tone graphic.

The modern logo of this Korean General Motors brand still bears the crown-shaped emblem from the company's early days.

Now Aixam Mega, the logo for this French microcar manufacturer is simple and elegant, spelling out the company's original name and calling out the first letter with a bold "A" (or "M" in some cases) inside a circular graphic.

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