Speed dating in leeds

If you have already been to a speed dating event before you will know how much fun it can be.

As part of our Library Fest 2018 programme, we once again ran our popular Speed-dating our Library Treasures event – this time twice: on Valentine’s Day in the Tiled Hall cafe and a day later at the Hyde Park Book Club.

Both events proved very successful, with attendees taking great interest in the wide range of items…

) – or read on to discover more about our exciting set of heritage-themed events…

(Contact details and opening times for all events and locations…

Where F2F will be exactly is listed in the event schedule for that date.

The various age groups will come together for a party at the end of the event.

Our hosts are professional and friendly and always go out of their way to make sure that everyone has a relaxed and enjoyable evening.

Not only do we have our own speed dating events, we also list events from trusted and reputable partner companies.

The schedule contains the names of the 3 bars, the final location and the name of your ‘team partner’ (if you have signed up alone).

You’ll receive the schedule the Thursday before the event, along with an email containing the answers to the most frequently asked questions about a F2F evening. For that price you’ll have loads of fun and meet 12 new people.

Please refer to our events page which lists all events in all cities throughout the UK.


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