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Howard’s Drug was the location of Edmond’s First Telephone.

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The schoolhouse is currently open to the public the first two Saturdays of each month from 1-4 or by appointment.

It is also a popular site for 3rd grade field trips.

O’Toole and his son went to Oklahoma City and purchased an 8-horse power gasoline Tonneau runabout. An Edmond Sun editorial of the day stated “No Automobiles for us!

This is the first and only auto owned in or near Edmond.” Citizens did not want cars in town and adopted the name “Trouble Wagon” for Dr. ” The editor decried the practice of running through town at “lightning speed.” Dr.

In 1904, Territorial Normal became Central State Normal School. It replaced Edmond’s first cemetery (1889-1895) that was illegally placed in an area of the school land section on the east side of South Rankin from Second to Fifth Streets.

Gracelawn is the final resting place of noted civic leader and publisher Milton “Kickingbird” Reynolds, and is the final resting place of many Edmond pioneers.

The Western Union Telegraph, begun in 1851, was fazed out by “Ma Bell” for person to person communication.

Rural phone lines were slowly installed in the Edmond area from 1904 until 1906.

The distinctive exterior rock wall was a WPA project, installed in 1940.

First Telephone System – The first Telephone System in Edmond began in January 1902 with Bell Tuttle as the “hello” girl.

The Edmond paper is Oklahoma’s oldest continuously published newspaper and the hometown voice of Edmond during its territorial days.


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