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Attending a Qualifying Event is required to qualify for entry into the Startup Prize competition.

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A national report from Board Source, a leading authority on board governance, has recently said, “Strong board leadership will be the means through which many nonprofit agencies survive.” The Community Leaders program is designed to educate and engage diverse professionals of all ages to strengthen nonprofit governance and to increase civic engagement and philanthropy for the Baton Rouge area nonprofit community.

Class Dates and Time: Classes will be held on Thursday nights from – pm at the Capital Area United Way Board Room, located at 700 Laurel St. Please check your availability on the following dates: Part of the Community Leader experience is to learn the important role board members play in fundraising.

Nix, who received his MBA before becoming a nurse, came up with the Multi Nix, a Swiss Army knife for nurses.

The Community Leaders program is built on the principle that an engaged and empowered Board of Directors is critical to a nonprofit organization’s success and sustainability.

In these times, nonprofit organizations are being faced with an increased demand for accountability while trying to sustain their operations and programming in a recession.

Now more than ever, nonprofits need strong and committed board members who are practicing the principals of good governance.

However, in learning the role of the board and fundraising, LANO has included a philanthropic component called the Change Fund.

This component gives Community Leaders real-time experience in fundraising.

What can I do with my kids to get them out of the house? From toddlers to the golden years, the Capital Area has activities for almost any lifestyle.

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