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This not only improves your chances of finding a date, but also helps you learn more about cultures other than your own.Plus-size sites help you find people who are actually interested in dating you and who share all your interests.With in-depth descriptions for each potential pairing (including a pro and con list) you’ll have plenty of contemplating to do before deciding if they are the one. With interest-based matches and geeky profile questions that you’ll actually WANT to answer, it’s a sure way to find your Player 2. The League: This app has gotten a lot of hate in the past for its exclusive model, but if you’re looking for an impressive young professional just like yourself, it might just be the place to do it.

We love Tinder as much as the next girl, especially with its new non-binary gender update, but sometimes we need a little break from swiping.

Don’t get us wrong, we still love experimenting with the app (we even tried to use lines from Kimmy Schmidt to get dates), but we’re feeling a bit blah with the platform at the moment. Poke Match: Find someone who shares your love of Squirtle with this timely dating app.

Thanks to the Internet, love can be found at first click.

But if the scope of general dating sites is overwhelming, don’t fear.

That means you’re not just limited to people from your city or state, as you would be in a bar.

You can meet people who share your interests from across the country or even across the world.

Using a model similar to Tinder, women and men of all sizes can post pics, scroll through matches and find their life-long sweetie — just make sure to be quick as you only get 48 hours to message them back before they disappear forever. SWEATT: This is the ONLY dating app for fitness junkies.

With questions you won’t find on any other dating site — for example, how frequently do you work out — this is the ideal app if you’re looking for a soul mate AND a running partner. Her: Good news, ladies: Queer women no longer have to wade through the BS on straight dating apps.

If you’re still looking for that dream date after months of online dating, chances are you’ve been going to the wrong sites.

There are lots of other dating sites besides the popular ones like Match and e Harmony, many of which cater to specific age groups, religions or races.

Specifically designed for lesbian, bisexual and queer women, this app is making history when it comes to finding love in all forms. Align: If you’re looking for a match that’s written in the stars, there’s no better place to find it. Tastebuds: If you can’t imagine dating someone who listened to the Spice Girls (hold onto your turntables, it’s just an example), this is just the dating app you need.

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