Phone sex chat numbers for x lite - Sony ericsson problems updating my c902 software

i know this is not the latest firmware rite, as im totally noob about this firmware thingy.

and after i switched off & on the hp, now only the MENU (middle) button doesnt work!!!

Pls help How do u check the current version of ur hp?!

(I can't recollect the exact settings as i don't have the same model with me, please excuse me for this.).

If the same Sim card doesn't receive text messages using another handset, don't bother to change the settings or to make any changes with it, first call the customer care and verify from them, you may make mistakes instead of fixing it.

If you want to format your Memory card also then follow these steps 1.

Enter Code 0000Note: This resetting will format your phone memory completely. Anyways, would appreciate if you'd help me out!!!im a new member here guys but kinda old user for the C902 for real speaking the phone is incredible but since the last update i did on friday at night i updated to the version R3EG004 and i wish havent coz since then the phone is restarting very often by itself its so annoying especially when i put an alarm to wake up and when the alarm wants to trigger it restarts without making a sound so i keep on sleeping lol so i need some help before i put some C4 and blow up my phoneim having this problem too, sometimes....depends on the mood of the phone, and currently im using version R3EA037.and to put salt on my wound, my keypad number '2' '3' 'arrow down' and the 'on/off' button sometimes not responding. currently doing googling on how to update the firmware, or any gurus out there can point a step by step walkthrough, and is updating the firmware really gonna solve the problem? Facing many problems with this C902 as discussed by other forumers earlier:- Reboot on its own- Alarm sometimes doesn't work (so must set 2 alarms to avoid the 1st one doesnt work! In fact, it just happened few days back when I was searching for a name in the ctc list..suddenly the 5 & 9 didnt work!

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