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We’ll help you reduce the dating stress by presenting the present situation of modern dating, provide with necessary information and tips that will help you orient better in the modern dating environment and adopt more effective strategies to attract your significant other.

Since the launch of the Internet, relationships and dating habits have undergone radical changes.

In a country where no major natural disasters, earthquakes, tornados and tsunami’s occur, the oldest disaster known to humankind, the state of not loving and not being loved, is still perilous for the Rainbow Nation.

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Marketing firm Jana involved 1,500 18 to 30-year-old participants from nine countries, including South Africa, to find out their online dating habits.

Based on the study results, 58% of South Africans use Facebook and 17% use Match.

If you’re an intellectually curious person, there is a high chance to meet your ideal partner in libraries and bookstores.

Searching a gripping book and exploring the person whose fingers are simultaneously running across book covers will not be a challenge.

Numerous dating sites form a crowded digital marketplace in which the interaction with hundreds of users becomes a really exhausting and tedious process.

Recent studies show that South Africans succeed in finding love and dating mostly through Social media, Facebook, Twitter, mobile app, or traditional online dating site.

Meeting someone online and developing interest, they prefer immediate interpersonal face-to-face interaction over forms of ongoing impersonal online communication.

Maria Montgomery, who has lived in Sweden, France, America, Canada and England, and currently resides in South Africa, tells about dating differences.

Does your mature and hopelessly romantic heart crave for dating and meeting the right South African men and/or women to make your 12 months shweeter?


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