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True Murder recently had Allyn Atadero, father of Jaryd Atadero on his program to discuss his book link Although officials have marked this as a solved case, that Jaryd was most likely killed by a mountain lion, his father Allyn contends that an abduction leading to foul play was the cause of death.

I thought it would be interesting to look over the case and discuss whether or not there is any evidence of a crime.

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There is a net gain of over 1000 feet, going from 8497’ to 9553’, and the trail is 6.5 miles in one direction.

This is not a trail for unprepared or inexperienced hikers, by any stretch. Colorado is notorious for temperature shifts of 40 degrees in Denver.

I can’t find any evidence beyond sources provided by Allyn Atadero in his book or interviews that can confirm this.

In the email Allyn received, the author was adamant that labs are very careful to avoid mistakes.

Trails can have even more significant shifts in weather in a very short time.

I have been on trails in Rocky Mountain National Park in late June and turned back because it started to snow.This is very true, but we know that labs DO make mistakes, and do contaminate evidence. Was it a simple lab error, or were the remains/clothing planted by a killer to allow authorities to close the case?Allyn contests that his son's pants were inside out, as if they were pulled off of him when he received pictures to identify.When he was given them back, they were right side out.Does this suggest that Jaryd was abducted or abused? His shoes were found in very good shape, in a crevice.Allyn knew the adults from a Christian group that stayed at his lodge, Poudre River Resorts, and trusted the 10 adults.


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