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People say how relationships aren’t all that, how I should just enjoy being single, but I can’t. After thinking about it, I realised there are some ways it affects how I date. So instead of talking about what I don’t know, here are the things I do know: I think most daters are eventually hoping to get into a relationship. The two don’t always go together, but for me they do.I also find it a lot harder to feel a spark in a forced environment.

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Sometimes I worry that I’m going to be single forever and will never meet anyone.

Some of you may be thinking why do I not just go and have sex? Sex is an intimate thing, and I’m not happy sharing my body with people I’m not passionately attracted to.

Then I have to rule out the people who are already taken.

Then I have to find someone I actually like, and I hardly ever seem to fancy anyone. Then they have to be the more traditionalist type who’s happy to wait a little longer to get laid and not freak out.

While waiting a while to do the deed can help sometimes, I’ve also heard of people who have held out a little longer and the same thing has happened.

But I believe most guys don’t want the moral hangover of being your first then doing a runner, so it can act a bit like a filter to screen out guys that aren’t serious.After one particularly dull pub date, I ended up going to a club with a girl from Bumble BFF. I thought, maybe I should become a spinster cat lady, and just have fun with friends.If I’d had other serious relationships before, I would have done. I also feel under pressure to meet someone soon as when people find being a virgin a turn-on, that tends to be directed at younger women rather than men or older women.On the flip side though, dating isn’t easy for anyone.I’ve had friends who’ve slept with guys after three dates when things were going well, and the guy then disappeared.Maybe sweets aren’t all that, but because they’re not allowed them, all they want is sweets.


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