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We have our representative offices in All regions of Ukraine.

"Detective Simferopol LTD" private detective agency offers a big list of detective and investigation services, legal services and consulting, security and bodyguard service, translation services, and many other services.

We assure policy of confidentiality and anonymity of your reference.

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A partner with the same dreams, goals, and ambitions is the best gift a life can give to us.

In the era of modern technologies, finding the right person should be easy. If you take her hand to come along for your entire life together - she will be that amazing partner you have always wanted.

The older we get the more clearly we realize that it is time to look for a wife. This is why more and more men choose them for lifetime.

Simferopol marriage agency can help you choose the woman to make you happy. Start an account to meet amazing Simferopol brides an after a few month you might be a happily married man.

However, too many people feel lonely and despaired. Tall and fit, they have that rare olive skin tone that makes their faxes look at least 10 years younger. They have a typically Slavic appearance with lovely faces, long, wavy or curly hair and huge hypnotizing eyes. Taking care of you when you get sick, cheering you up when you fail, raising your kids, and keeping your home cozy.

But we have found that special type of girls that fit any man. Blue eyed blondes or hazel eyed brunettes - all of them are waiting for their princes here. Most of the women visit gyms or stick to another health enhancing physical activity. Every beautiful girl from this city has brilliant taste for fashion and beauty. Hence, one might say that Russian brides are always dressed to the nines. It is clear that you cannot meet one just around the corner.

Our private detective agency in Simferopol is the best, biggest, and more professional and armed with the latest hi-tech equipment, then all other private investigators and private detective agency in Simferopol, Crimea.

The collective of our investigation agency in Simferopol consist from private detective investigators - professionals in this work, who had many years of practice in Criminal Police, KGB USSR ( SBU Ukraine ), and Office of Public Prosecutor of Crimea.

We only publish select testimonials with permission, and while some clients allowed us to publish their real names, many others have not, for privacy reasons.

If you would like to contact any of these clients, please send us an email, telling which one you want to contact, and we will forward it to the appropriate client.

Private investigators of our private investigation agency in Simferopol adhere to professional ethics and strict confidentiality, while working and act only in the interests of the clients - do not cooperate with anybody (only with our client), and do not transfer the information to the third people.


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