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I wish everyone luck in this new year and especially myself.Apologies for no funny pictures in this very long post.I’m doing pretty well exercising, but not as much as I should.

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The committee should have the overall responsibility for providing direction and guidance to the Project Team.

Senior personnel from Information Systems and user areas must be significantly involved throughout the project for the planning process to be successful.

A worksheet to help students learn the basic differences between elements,.

Relative Aging Worksheets , You'll want to teach how to sequence rock layers during this unit.

First you have to show up, because as we say: “You won’t get anywhere sitting alone in your hotel room.” Who knows, you may get lucky early in the weekend - IF you come to the party.

SINGLE’S DUNE TOUR AM–11AMTickets: We’re chartering Art’s fleet of dune trucks for a special, just-single-women, one and a half hour, narrated tour of the breathtaking dunes of the Cape Cod National Seashore Park.

Relative Age Worksheet (PDF - 389 KB) pdf Traces of Tracks (PDF - 68 KB) pdf Radioactive Dating Worksheet (PDF - 280 KB) pdf Geologic Time Line.

The main goal of this lesson is to get students familiar with the idea that geology is ..

The development of a viable recovery strategy must, therefore, be a product not only of the provider’s of the organization’s data processing, communications and operations center services, but also the users of those services and management personnel who have responsibility for the protection of the organization’s assets.

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