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It is for both men and women, for those in same-sex or opposite-sex partnerships, for those looking for partnership, and for those happily by themselves. " and wanting a framework to understand the damage done to our lives by the belief systems that suggested God was above and Sex was below.

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It is for those who wish to turn their sexual life into the heart’s activity, participation in God, and for those who wish to turn their religious life into the heart’s activity, participation in profound intimacy with their breath, their body, and relationship of every kind.

We have all been affected by the dysfunctional separation of sacred and profane.

We had been trying for a baby for six months and were over the moon when it happened.

Now I am five months’ pregnant and he just makes excuses.

43, which specifically decriminalizes fornication, was signed “quietly” last Wednesday by the governor, Fox 13 reported.

In other words–especially back in the day–sex outside of the confines of marriage better have been covert rather than overt. Your guess is as good as the lawmakers who determined that curbing “offenses against the family” was a futile endeavor.We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause you. Internet-based testing programs are being increasingly used to reduce testing barriers for individuals at higher risk of infection, yet the population impact and potential for exacerbation of existing health inequities of these programs are not well understood.We asked participants of the 2011/2012 Sex Now Survey (a serial online survey of gay and bisexual men in Canada) whether they intended to use Internet-based testing and their perceived benefits and disadvantages of use.Lucid, radical and gentle, this long-awaited book from globally beloved teacher Mark Whitwell clarifies the old cultural division of the sacred and the profane and how it has affected all of our lives, whether we are religious or no, and charts a way through the mess.At gatherings around the world, Mark breaks down these inherited divisions with great humour, kindness and depth of presence, opening tens of thousands of hearts to the beauty that they already are.The fornication statute was among laws classified under Offenses Against the Family.


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