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The story also discusses previous attempts to clo... It's mostly street hustlers looking for a drug fix or the cops undercover.

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An aggressive cop patrols like clockwork now and the regulars are all gone and the new guys scare cared of arrests.

The cops are literally writing down everybody's plate numbers and harassing them...

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Tennessee touches eight states: Tennessee ties Missouri as the state bordering the most other states.

There's usually at least someone there doing the same or looking for more. This place has been known for cruising but it has all but stopped due to the arrogance of some of they assholes cruising.

Also, I know of one instance where a guy left a note on another's car. From downtown Chattanooga, take Amnicola all the way down just past Dupont Parkway and make a left into the school. Park in the very back of the school and enter through the back of the omniplex.This is a nice large bathroom that is not used much during anytime of the day. When you pull in to park, any truckers that have their cab lights on instantly turn 'em off and no action. It has a long hall to go down first so that no one can sneak up on you. Turn right at Walgreens by the redlight, go to the second redlight and turn right by the Shell station. This was once a good place, but since they closed it off and police started patrolling, not much is happening.Also, one could park facing out in the upper lot to make connections, but even that fail...Every time I have been there, a police unit is usually always sitting in the parking lot behind the restrooms.


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