Sex dating in ayer massachusetts

She will go out of her way to try and destroy you even when you’re just merely the innocent victim!As most slores do, she will use her pu55y to seduce and fool your Man!Likes to fuk her co-workers while her man gives her the world she demolishes his..

She openly admits to her obsessive need for men’s attention.

She needs other women’s men to make her feel valid!

If this woman is around your significant other get her away as quickly as possible.

I have never met a lower form of life ever I feel sorry for her children that she’s dragging different men in and out of her house constantly.

This nasty ho slept with my boyfriend of 5 years at ultimate frisbee tournaments. She preys on venerable good looking Men whom are going through tough times in his relationship and pretends to be a trusted friend, while she’s taking notes on how she can pretend to be the person he’s looking for!

She will publicly shame you and make a fool of you and make a mochary of your children and family even though you’ve never met her and have never done anything to deserve such heinous hateful acts against you!

She’s already moved on to banging my neighbors husband. This lynn trash JESSICA COLUCCI started sleeping with my fiancee when her kids father was on his deathbed. She met my husband at his place of employment at the time and played the victim card.

She paid him to do a consult for her and decided she wanted more.

Unfortunately Men are dumb and think with their d1cks, but they eventually smarten up!

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