Sex and florida and chat

He says that's when Carroll hit him in the chest and groin and then tossed a paint roller at his head. In the affidavit, deputies reported that Carroll was "obviously intoxicated" and uncooperative with officers.

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On many other occasions, JAHNER tried to contact the undercover agent through Yahoo messenger, but the agent did not respond because he was not online at the time.

Almost every conversation was sexually explicit, with JAHNER stating that he wanted to have various forms of sexual contact with the undercover agent, and that he wanted to broadcast pictures of this activity over the internet.

During several of these chats, JAHNER, using a web camera attached to his computer, sent a live video feed over the Internet showing himself engaged in sexually explicit conduct.

Concurrent with the sexually explicit conversations, "hawkeyefl2000" discussed plans to meet with the undercover agent in Las Vegas so that they could have actual sexual contact, not merely "cyber sex." On March 14, 2002, "hawkeyefl2000" sent the undercover agent an e-mail containing his travel itinerary.

was convicted by a jury in Las Vegas for traveling from Florida to Nevada to have sex with a juvenile, and for using a computer to entice a juvenile to have sex with him.

JAHNER was originally charged in a Criminal Complaint.

A cook at a hotel on the Walt Disney World Resort and a food runner at one of the restaurants on site are among 13 people arrested by undercover police in Florida in a child sex predator sting.

The police posed as children online to lure the alleged pedophiles into a trap.

Undercover agents trailed JAHNER from his arrival at the Las Vegas airport on April 11, to a rental car agency, and to a motel.

The next day, JAHNER followed through with his plans to meet, who he thought was the 14-year-old girl, at the bowling alley at the Suncoast Casino in Summerlin, and was arrested by FBI agents.

Fortunately, because of the great work of our detectives, at least 13 of them won't be doing that any time soon."The things that these predators say to children they believe are 13 and 14 are vile and disgusting. The bottom line is that these predators need to be locked up and kept away from children," Judd said.


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