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Is there any way to get the information stored in Credential Manager to update at the same time the password is changed?This is not necessarily the end of the world, but is somewhat inconvenient and it just feels like something that can be solved without a workaround...

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If you have any additional questions please post them in the comments below, and if necessary I'll update this FAQ.

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For example, if you're running SP3 with UR10, you can apply update rollup 14 without installing UR11, UR12, and UR13 first.

Hopefully this article has answered your questions and concerns about which order you should install Exchange Server updates.

What you should install for new servers When you're installing a new Exchange 2016 or 2013 server, you should install the most recent cumulative update.

You can find details of the most recent version of Exchange 20 on the Exchange Server Build Numbers page on Tech Net.

A service pack is a complete build of the product that includes all previous updates.

An update rollup applies to a specific service pack, and includes all previous updates that were included in previous update rollups for that service pack.

For example, when Microsoft released CU13, they would test the update process from CU11 and CU12 as they were the previously supported builds.

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