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The following timed 5k naked run explored and confirmed how my body reacted to the total liberation of the psyche.Now, a trip to Mallorca was going to be my first encounter with organised social naturism and my first (of hopefully many) overseas holidays designed specifically around my nascent naked running hobby. And extremely easy access to a barefoot running-friendly beach). After using the first day to settle in, and adjust, to an entirely alien new environment I woke early at sunrise of the second day and jogged down to the beach in my skimpy running shorts and shoes.

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I removed my shorts and shoes, started my music player and head off. For the first time I had a body that experienced non-sexual physical joy. Time of Day: between and , depending on the day Air Temperature: 25c (relatively high humidity) Conditions: blue sky, light wind Run Length: varied between 3k and 8k, depending on the day Duration: varied with length of run Barefoot or Shoes: barefoot Other Nearby Naked Running Sites Not known Read about me.

What was odd about the initial (eastern) stretch of the beach was a huge quantity of rotting sea thistle collected in the corner of the bay. Follow @Naked Running Return to Naked Running homepage To subscribe to email updates when blog posts are written, select the ‘menu’ button at the top right corner and scroll down to ‘Follow’ section.

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I thought this would be extremely painful in bare feet.

But to my surprise the rotting thistle was unbelievably soft and spongy. Returning to the UK from this 5-day naked running holiday I felt inspired.

A pleasure to run on and protection from the odd bit of shingle.


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