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“We’re a gay community dating app but also an online social community network that lets gay men explore who they are safely online,” said Jens.

“We want to support and nourish sexual exploration in our safe space that is ROMEO.” The platform’s features aim to connect the virtual and real worlds to offer users a variety of ways to interact with one another.

“As an established market leader, we have already proven that we aren’t in this to make a quick buck,” said Jens.

“We’re always thinking about longevity.” Though ROMEO already boasted many popular features, the platform rolled out more options for users in 2018.

“Your digital life with ROMEO is geared toward moving you into real life meetings that will, in the long run, make you happier,” Jens said.

“Most people are social, and it’s in our interactions with others that we grow and thrive.” Though ROMEO has lasted longer than many dating sites, the company has no plans of shifting its mission.

Since its founding more than 16 years ago, ROMEO, a dating site for gay, bisexual, and trans people, has been entirely user focused.

The site hears what its users desire and aims to meet their changing needs quickly.“We are literally nothing without our Romeos,” said Founder Jens Schmidt.ROMEO’s team is passionate about listening to its users because they see the platform as an advocate for gay men online, serving as a place where they can both feel comfortable and see themselves reflected.“Now, our Romeos can see exactly what the guy behind the profile looks like.” Another feature is Groups.Though Groups has long been a part of functionality, ROMEO made the feature more prominent on its desktop version — available on the app in March.This ownership structure ensures that the priorities of its users aren’t ignored.


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