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Romanian women, like other women of the region, carry themselves with a sense of grace and elegance and although they don’t dress as sexy as Ukrainian girls, they still take quite good care of themselves and know how to be sexy for their men.

In terms of look, their skin tone is olive., eye colors can be blue, green, brown and a mixture.

Romanian women are feminine with long hair and they have some of the best butts in Europe.

Women are open to conversations, especially during the day, as the women are approachable and you shouldn’t expect harsh blowouts.

Social circle will certainly help you, but you can still do quite well picking up off the streets and meeting normal local women.

While Romanian girls work hard to accessorize, they also have a natural beauty.

Here’s our guide to Romanian women and all you need to know once you’re on the ground in Bucharest.

As you might have guessed, I absolutely adore Romanian women.

Romanian women are caring, have excellent olive-toned complexions and definitely can compete with some of the talent that you’ll find in Central and Eastern Europe.

You can certainly find a nice one to settle down with in Romania, and if this country wasn’t on your radar yet for its women, it should certainly be added there. Romanian women have a unique combination of Latin and Slavic genes.


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