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A few farming remnants dating from the Neolithic period, (circa 10,000 B. They pay their dues, but never really join forces and by 408 B. Their enemy, the Persians, conquer the Carians in 340 BC. These same three generals, Ptolemy, Seleucus, and Antigonus, waste no time dividing up Alexander’s empire between them.

A big can of whoop_ss is marching down the west coast of Turkey. The Greek islands are not prizes, (you can’t march to them) so the generals ignore them. When you are successful, someones going to get jealous.

As a sign of this, he rebuilds the temple of Apollo Pythios, a victim of Cassius, 12 years earlier. BACK TO TOP) Rhodes is no longer on Rome’s dartboard, and things begin to return to pre-Cassius ways. For about 400 years, Rhodes remains under the Byzantines and is a major Mistaking Constantinople as Jerusalem(?

The Romans are not fans of Philip after he tries pulling a fast one on them while battling Hanibal.

They also see that Rhodes would be a good partner for their growth into the east.

This victory brings the Roman occupation to an end.

The enormous vacuum that it creates tosses all of Greece and its islands into a frenzied land grab. That is until 1248 when the Kingdom of Genoa (Genoese) take control during their attempt to rule the Aegean.

He is a supporter of Anthony, who Augustus defeats that year. In 673, the Arabs, trying to seize Constantinople, take Rhodes for its strategic location.

He comes to Rhodes to profess his loyalty to Augustus, who will soon be emperor. Augustus comes to power, cleans out the Senate, and begins the Roman Empire. They depart in 680 under a peace treaty, and the Byzantine are back.It is a favorite port on the way to/from Israel and Egypt. So Rhodes weak point is location, location, location. And with its international airport, geography isn’t that important either. Greek Mythology says the Rhodians were from the Telchine children, a species with flippers for hands and dog heads. The Rhoda is a pink hibiscus, native to the island. But there are few of them, and they do not tell us much more. They remain until the collapse of the Mycenaean kingdoms around 1150 B. Greece, Including Rhodes, plunges into the Greek Dark Ages. There are a few devastating earthquakes and some pesky Phoenicians trying to capture Ialyssos. the Persians invade, and Athens comes to the rescue. He makes short order of the Persians, claims the area for himself and moves on.Greek Mythology is the only proof I need that Greeks were making wine centuries before anyone else. What little we know of the Minoans tells us they came to Rhodes around 1600 B. It does not tell us what they did, and there is little to study. Outside of that, the Dorians hold on to Rhodes for the next 250 years. In 478, the cities join the Athenian league, safety in numbers. They build the city of Rhodes, with a harbor, to house their navy. In 357 BC, troops from Caria, north of Halicarnassus on the mainland, seize the Rhodian cities. The extremely healthy, 33-year-old Alexander, suddenly dies after his generals make him dinner one night in 323.He spares no expense, throwing battering rams, siege towers and unlimited men at Rhodes. Within a year he signs a peace agreement and sails home leaving the arms and equipment behind.Rhodes has a yard sale and uses the money to build a famous statue to the sun god Helios.Rhodes remains neutral and tries to approach both sides for peace. Many in the Roman Senate feel Rhodes should have immediately sided with Rome.


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