Republicans intimedating voters

They won’t ever be indicted for the crimes the covers a half-century from the 1950s to the turn of the century.

And the rules for the presidential disclosure do not require Trump to disclose all sorts of loans that he is obligated for. If you live in a state like California or New York, and you give your child a car, and you put down for sales-tax purposes that it’s worth $1,000, but it’s really worth $20,000, they will catch you and they will send you a bill, because all of those records are digitized. They’re held by individual county governments, and sometimes by cities and townships.

If we had a real net worth statement on Donald Trump, it would probably show he’s worth a few hundred million dollars. said that Trump himself received at least $413 million in today’s dollars from his father’s real-estate empire. How did Fred Trump manage to transfer $413 million to his son, Donald? So what you do is you play with the value of the property.

On Friday, 19 secretaries of state wrote a letter to Senate leaders urging them to drop the proposal, calling it “unprecedented and shocking.”I've been saying all of 2017 that the GOP are behaving as if they don't need to be worrying about getting reelected.

Looking ever more likely that the last "fair"ish elections for America are in the only reason they would need agents with weapons is if they were to intimidate people with a show of force for the existing establishment.

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The ruling MMD has urged its general members and citizens at large to support the newly constituted cabinet.

MMD Spokesperson Ben Tetamashimba says the new cabinet deserves the necessary support to deliver to peoples’ expectations. Tetamashimba told ZNBC news in Lusaka, Sunday that President Rupiah Banda has ushered in a cabinet of hard working and dedicated men and women.

He also called on Zambians to support both President Banda and Vice President George Kunda as they lead the nation. Tetamashimba has no doubt President Banda will diligently serve the nation.

And they got away with it because the IRS doesn’t have those records, and doesn’t pursue them. It’s no big surprise: Donald Trump and Fred Trump and Robert Trump and federal judge Maryanne Trump Barry didn’t get caught while they stole from us about a half a billion dollars.


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