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The failure was the first of its kind for the A380, the world's largest passenger aircraft.

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After discussion the crew elected to remove inputs related to a wet runway, in the knowledge that the runway was dry.

The LDPA then returned the information that the landing was feasible with 100 metres of runway remaining.

Qantas initially refrained from using the aircraft on routes between Los Angeles and Australia, the longest routes globally served by the A380, where highest engine performance was required on take-off.

Tom Ballantyne, a writer on Orient Aviation Magazine, described the accident as "certainly the most serious incident that the A380 has experienced since it entered operations", and concerns have been voiced that this occurrence may be due to a "major problem", rather than being maintenance-related.

The first officer and supervising check captain (SCC) then input the plane's status to the landing distance performance application (LDPA) for a landing 50 tonnes over maximum landing weight at Changi.

Based on these inputs the LDPA could not calculate a landing distance.which uses the same Rolls-Royce engine in its A380 aircraft, temporarily grounded their A380 fleets after the occurrence and performed further inspections.Singapore Airlines resumed operations the following day.As time went by, that danger abated and, thankfully, we were lucky enough to get everybody off very calmly and very methodically through one set of stairs." The pilot in command of the aircraft, Captain Richard Champion de Crespigny, has been credited in the media as "having guided a heavily damaged double-decker jet to the safety of Singapore Changi Airport and averting what could have been a catastrophe".In 2016, Champion de Crespigny was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia for significant service to the aviation industry both nationally and internationally, particularly to flight safety, and to the community.The crew, after finding the plane controllable, decided to fly a holding pattern close to Singapore Changi Airport while assessing the status of the aircraft.


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