Propinquity in dating

Repeated exposure to your content moves them from simply knowing you to actually you.

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The more we interact with people we know, the more we tend to like them — which has been repeatedly proven in numerous studies of romantic relationship formation.

Because they like you, they consume more of your content.

Propinquity theory tells us that the more often people see your content, the better they get to know you. Each time someone is exposed to your content, they are interacting with you, your thoughts and beliefs.

This leads to a feeling of knowing you, because it mirrors how we get to know people in the real world.

By mapping (then managing) your prospects’ progression through the various “Propinquity Points,” you can exponentially increase the frequency of your content impressions against a specific audience over a shorter time period.

This higher frequency of impressions — combined with the halo effect of your content appearing within already-trusted content channels — will more quickly move the audience through the propinquity process.

The process of creating a propinquity platform is a bit too complex for a single post, but here are four steps that you can use to begin the process today.

Twitter, these last two steps can help you quickly understand the key websites favored by your audience.

Instead, you need a strategic plan anchored in real science.


  1. The first and most obvious, but hardest to do, slow down!

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