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So hot little girl-diddler might wind up in creeper camp because DA LAWWWW!

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CNN lost credibility after that incident, can't really trust these idiots.

Also, I don't know if she should be called a "pedophile" considering the age gap.

So yes, a 60 year old would be coercing a 15 year old, and that is illegal under most legal codes.

However, isn't a 60 year old also coercing an 18 year old, or 25, 30, 40, 59 year old in many ways?

To be frank, bank robbers aren't barred from living near money, nor carjackers forced into Amish communities on dirt roads.

But for whatever reason pedos receive a "lifetime" sentence.

Do you think that an 18 year old male would receive the same reaction? Do you think the 14 year old's mother reacted because she discovered her child was sexually active, or because she was sexually active with a girl?

Is this one of those cases where the legal system doesn't consider all circumstances and cases, or do you think that just due to the fact that a legal adult sexually encountered an underage minor, it is sufficient enough to consider her a sex offender? Take your time to consider this question with this photo gallery of Kaitlyn Hunt provided by the sick sick people at CBS News.

Now all of a sudden, NAMBLA is correct in some ways by precedence if Kaitlyn is too.

There's a big issue with how laws such as being deemed a sex offender, consent laws, and what we deem as morally acceptable under law.

Oh, a few times in my above post I mentioned the victim's age was 14, which was the age listed on CNN (every other source proclaims the victim was 15).


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