Ovation dating guitar

The company's Ovation and Adamas guitars are known for their round backs, which gives them a recognizable shape.

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Among musicians the relatively thin neck stands out as well, compared to other acoustic guitars.

The Kaman Corporation soon diversified, branching into nuclear weapons testing, commercial helicopter flight, development and testing of chemicals, and helicopter bearings production.

The innovation was the use of a thinner, synthetic back, because of its foreseen acoustic properties.

Unfortunately, the seam joining the sides to the thin back was prone to breakage.

Kaman felt there were structural weaknesses in the orthogonal joining of the sides, and that a composite material could provide a smooth body.

Ovation claims the parabolic bowls dramatically reduce feedback, allowing greater amplification.

One of these was Charles Mc Donough, who created the Ovation Adamas model.

Kaman founded Ovation Instruments, and in 1965 its engineers and luthiers (guitar makers) worked to improve acoustic guitars by changing their conventional materials.

From 1966 to 2007 Ovation guitars, and later on Adamas guitars, were a brand of KMCMusicorp, which itself was a subsidiary of Kaman Aircraft. production of various acoustic guitars in the New Hartford factory.

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